Enrol for 10 weeks or more at Dominion and receive a special discount of 25%

In 2012 our sister school in Sydney, Sydney College of English, is celebrating its 25th birthday as one of Imagethe oldest independent English language colleges in Australia. SCE has proudly provided English language education to more than 25,000 students worldwide.

To mark this special occasion for our little sister SCE, the 25th anniversary “Silver Jubilee”, Dominion is offering a 25% discount off the published course fees to all students who enrol with us for 10 weeks or more until 30th June 2012.  We call SCE ‘our little sister’ because Dominion started in 1969 and is 42!

We look forward to meeting you all on your first day at Dominion English Schools.

*This offer is applicable to the enrolment of 10 weeks or more.
*This offer will end 30th June 2012.