Would you like some extra this vacation? I’ve got one nice deal for you!!!

RYUGAKU News, an education consultation agency for Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans who want to study English in a foreign country. We also accommodate other nationalities.

If you know someone who wants to study English abroad, refer them to us and you’ll be able to get a very nice referral fee. That’s the only thing you’re gonna have to do. Just tell a student to call us, or get connected with me if they would like to inquire about our offers. Once the student has chosen, confirmed and paid, your commission is absolutely sure already.

Now, how much will you be able to get when you have successfully referred a student to us? Well, let’s say that depends.

If the student you refer decides to study at one of our schools for four weeks, you’ll get Php 4,000. So basically, it means that your referral fee depends on how long and/or how many students you refer. The longer the student studies and the more students you refer, the more money you’ll get for sure.

That’s just as simple as that. You don’t even have to really sell our company to your friends or students; all you have to do is tell them about us. Let me give you certain instructions as to how we can ensure that you get your referral fee:

First, after telling your student about us, tell your student to inform you if he has already decided to contact Ryugaku News.

Second, in case he decides to contact us, remind your students to contact me first of all so that I can properly inform our marketers about who referred the student. I will then have the student talk to out marketers to give him information

Third, once the student arrives at a decision and confirms that he will study at one of our schools, he will then be asked to pay a certain amount as determined by the school the student chooses.

When the payment has been given, I will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about your commission fee and how you can get it. It’s that easy! No sweat right?

So what are you waiting? REFER NOW!!!

Contact me through the following:

e-mail:  henry.ryugakunews@hotmail.ph                                                                                   Phone No.: 639468589047 Skype: henry.ryugaku.news                                                           Facebook: Henry RyugakuNews                                                                                                    Twitter: henry_ryugakunews                                                                                                              Blog: www.ryugakunewsjp.wordpress.com

Contact me ASAP!                                                                                                                                    Ryugaku News wants to help you too, so thanks for referring!

I look forward to working with you!