ImageWhat’s up?

I have prepared for you today a very special treat!!! I have on the list great schools for you to choose from. All of these schools are in the Philippines! Yes! The Philippines has a whole lot of fascinating schools! You can pick one according to your desires and plans during your stay in the particular place you want to study. I will not be talking here about the prices, of course, so if you have questions about the prices, please log on to our website and look for our contact numbers there and give us a call whenever you want.

ImageOk, let’s begin, the first school I would like to talk about is found on the beautiful, tourist-studded island of Boracay- PARADISE ENGLISH This is a Canadian owned and run company. They are proud of their location of course. I think there is a good reason for it. Because in Boracay, you’ll get the change to get along not only with your classmates who study with you, but with actual foreigners who are enjoying the white sand on the island. Most of the activities the school has, as supposed, are activities that can be done near the seaside. You can play beach volleyball and many similar games. The shops on the island are awesome toO. These reasons can make your stay on this island both educational and exciting!Image

Next on the list is Clark International Premeire (CIP) in Angeles City, Pampanga. This school is known for 2 things. First, it offers one on one class with native teachers. Yes, other schools offer this type of class too, but CIP gives students more opportunity to study with them, Second, CIP consistently implements the ‘BUDDY TEACHER Programme’. The idea is simple, from the moment you arrive at CIP until the day you leave, a teacher will be assigned to you to ensure your progress. This teacher must take care of you and assist you with all that you might have a need of. So, you’ll never get lost! Sounds great right?

And, next is English Fella! This resort-type school is located in the city of Cebu. It has been recognised Imageas one of the best schools the Philippine has. Since this school is in Cebu, you’ll get more chances of exploring the part of the Philippine islands. I think most foreigners know most about Manila. Get to know Cebu and you’ll love the Philippines more! The school has two campuses and each campus is really spacious! The absence rate of teachers and students at English Fella accordingly is almost zero. And if you are interested in taking English Proficiency tests like TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS, you can also pick among the course types they offer!


That is just the first three of the great schools the Philippine has. There are more to come, alright? But for now, try to savour these ones I have given you. We have a wide range of choices for you. We know you consider the location, fee, activities and many more and we are going to give you just that!

Okay, I guess somehow you now have ideas which school do you want. If you have more questions about these schools, feel free to post your questions on the comment box or visit our website and call us.

I look forward to hearing from you guys! We freaking love English!