Hi everyone! Ever wondered why agencies are so helpful when students look for an English academy? Now, I am going to tell you why Ryugaku News is such a good agency for you to trust! Here are the reasons why you should choose RYUGAKU News.

Reasons 1: RYUGAKU News Promotes Properly

Here at Ryugaku News, we only promote schools that are accredited or recognised by local and international accreditation companies. We believe that it is important for students to be in an academy that is respected and excellent. Our partners worldwide are accredited by more than one of the following companies: ACCET, The British Council, Cambridge ESOL, Language Canada, TESDA(Philippines), NZQA, FELTOM, English UK, NEAS Australia and many more! Ryugaku News wants to make sure that you get into the best schools!

Reason 2: RYUGAKU News Assists all the way

It is our goal to serve you from the moment you call us until the day you leave the school. We provide assistance to our clients all the way. When you call us, our agents give you all the necessary information you need and answer every question you may have. We do not want to mislead you in any way so we make it a point to provide you proper information. In some situations, we also pick students up from the airport and let them stay in our staff quarters if needed. We value you as our clients and your safety and convenience is our priority!

Reason 3:RYUGAKU News has the Best List

We have the best list of schools in the Philippines and abroad. Our partners worldwide are not just ordinary schools-THEY ARE THE BEST! You can pick the school you prefer. We believe that you consider the location, activities, fees, culture, program and many things that are important for you, so we give you good to best choices

Reason 4: RYUGAKU News has PROMOS

Since everyone wants to get something good by paying less, we post on our website all the promos there are in the schools we have. We provide support and information in case a student gets interested in these promos. Promos like discounts and price reduction, accommodation features are all found in our website.

So, in case you are interested in studying abroad, do not hesitate to visit our website at www.ryugaku-news.jp or e-mail me at henry.ryugakunews@hotmail.ph. Our contact numbers are all found on our website and when you call us, our agents will be right there to assist you. Have a great day everyone! RYUGAKU News is FOR YOU!