Yes, how to study English effectively?

A lot of people have suggested a lot of ways on how to learn English the easy way, some are really good suggestions but others are just not effective for they require a lot of time and effort which makes English really freaking hard. But now, let me introduce you to some principles which I have personally learned in my pursuit of the English language. Some of them might not apply to you but I am sure these principles, in one way or another can certainly help you. Let me give you the MAPS.


ImageEnglish is not a difficult language to learn. In fact, the rules and principles of the English language are easy to follow.  It only becomes difficult when you don’t know or are unsure why you want to learn it. Write your reasons down. By doing this you can visibly see your reasons why. Do you study for pleasure? Do you study for a work requirement? You can write your purpose like this: “I study English to understand British Movies” or “I study English to Pass TOEFL”.

The more exact your purpose is the more passionate and directed you become.


It’s really difficult to learn something that does not fit who you are. People learn in various ways and their Imageability to capture and understand something depends on their personality. In learning English, you must also consider your personality? How do you learn? Do you learn through videos or books? Can you easily understand when you see drawings? Do you learn things easily when you are alone or with people? You can never last in doing something unless your heart goes with what you do. So, I suggest that you check your interests and do or set goals in learning English that can fit you.


ImageThis involves patience. Really. Learning something new can be a little bit of a problem. Especially if they can run over a habit of yours. This takes time. Really. It may cost you time with your friends or parties. If you are really dead serious about your goal. Dedication to what you want is imperative. Practising is necessary. You have to memorise some lines and speak them in your mind and with your lips. You may have to listen to something again and again. The more you repeat something, the more it gets stuck in your brain, learning becomes effortless eventually. Be Patient with yourself when practising. It takes time.


ImageThere are many ways and activities to learn English. You can watch movies, listen to podcasts, attend an academy or online class, and read books. These are all beneficial if and only if they can contribute to your purposes. If you want to learn British English, watching American movies cannot help you much right? If you want to pass an English Test like TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS watching movies cannot help you much right? My point is, do things that can lead you to your goal. When I was young, I loved Harry Potter movies a lot but I could not understand what they said, so what I did was I research the basic British phonetics and learned it. After watching the Harry Potter movies again and again, with and without subtitles, I am now able to understand what they say (and other British movies), more than that, I am now able to speak just like them!

In conclusion, the MAPS I have given you are very applicable.

  1. Make your purposes clear to you-Write them.
  2. Allow your personality to help you-Blend with them.
  3. Practice what you learn always-Do them
  4. Select activities that fulfil your purpose-Choose them.

I am very pleased that somehow I am able to help you in your pursuit of a fulfilled life and successful future! Please comment if you want to ask or say something! Cheers my friends!

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